Thinking to get a credit card for yourself? don’t know how to get? Ok, in this post I will explain how you can easily get credit cards in Indian without working in any company or without having any salary slip.

Why you need Credit Card?

Before going through the steps to get a credit card, let’s discuss why you may need the credit card. A credit card is most useful for those who shop online. Especially if you shop on the international website to buy some services or products. If you just shop only in Indian websites, then most probably you don’t need any credit card. Because most of the Indian websites supports online Net banking nowadays.

Few more reason to have a credit card is, if you have a business on the internet, then you must have a credit card.  It is one of the primary things to have before starting any online business. If you need to send payment from Paypal to any another user, then the credit card is a must for Indian users now.

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How to get Credit Card in India:

You can easily get a credit card if you are working in any MNC company. Bankers/Brokers/agent directly come to your company and they will create an account and link to your salary slip/statement and they will give you the credit card even if you don’t want them!

But if you are not working in any big company or if you are not working in any company, then it is somewhat difficult to get a credit card.

No need to worry… There is an easy solution available to get a credit card from most of the top Indian banks.

When I tried to buy a credit card, I don’t have enough information about the bank requirements, process and all. I struggled a lot asking local banks in my place. When I ask them, most bank managers asked me what is a credit card? I really surprised after listening to their words. That time I stopped asking in my local banks.

When I come to Bangalore, I again asked in few banks regarding the process of getting a credit card. Axis bank representative told you to need to be a salaried person with 30,000 per month saving! When I asked about the fixed deposit, she told about 50,000 to 1 lakh (not sure how much now it is) deposit.

After some days, my friend introduced me to an SBI credit card broker/agent. That broker told clearly how we can get a credit card and what are the steps required to apply. After listening to his words now I got some knowledge and process of applying. It is really easy to get a credit card without having any Job in MNC company.

SBI Gold Credit Card

My tip: Always get in touch with Credit card brokers to get full knowledge and to make the process easy. They don’t charge any extra amount for making credit card for you. Most of the bank employee don’t have full knowledge of credit card and give some wrong information.

When I met with SBI credit card broker (who usually available inside the bank) he explained me to first open a bank account to apply for credit card.

After few days, I opened my bank account in SBI and then I immediately deposited 25,000Rs in a Fixed deposit to apply for credit card. Based on my FD, the SBI credit card broker initiated for the credit card application process. And within few days, I received my SBI credit card.

So the easiest way to get a credit card is by fixed depositing some amount on the bank. By this method, you don’t need to have any Job in MNC, No salary slip, PF deduction slip or don’t need to have any other information.

Just open a bank account and ask them a minimum fixed deposit (FD) to apply CC and apply CC based on your FD. They won’t ask any other information if you apply through FD method.

I have been a customer of SBI CC for almost 2 years now and I never faced any issue with them. You can apply for SBI credit card online by visiting here.

Tip: If you are applying for SBI CC then make sure you cancel Card protection plus service, it simply waste of 1000 RS per year.

If you need to know anything else, then comment here.