Yesterday when I tried to upload the video to YouTube I got an error called “The upload failed due to an unknown error” this error doesn’t say what is wrong with my video it just saying some error occurred on uploading. I tried many times to upload video to YouTube with different browsers also but the result is same YouTube upload error. I searched it on Google to find solution to YouTube upload unknown error but no one is providing proper answer to it. Here is the solution to YouTube upload failed problem which I discovered.

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YouTube Upload Error:

When I was searching for the solution for YouTube upload error I found that this thing is happening to most of YouTube users and YouTube upload error is causing because of bug in YouTube uploader and not by the mistake of YouTube users. YouTube employers has said in forum that they have an issue with YouTube uploading system and they are trying to resolve it, but not yet done.

upload failed an unknown error occurred

Fix for YouTube upload error:

If you are also getting YouTube upload error, then here is the simple solution what I have discovered.

By default you will upload video to YouTube in this location (see the image) if this uploading option don’t work for you then scroll the page below you will see Basic Uploader option try it, it will works like charm.

youtube upload error fix

Solution to youtube upload error

By using Basic uploader option we can upload video to YouTube without any YouTube upload problems. Hope this will solves your YouTube upload error.