Now you can fly with cars! yes, Terrafugia has launched world’s first flying car and it has been approved by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If you what a flying car, then you can purchase it for just $200,000. This flying car may be the next revolutionary car in coming days because it’s not just a car, but also a airplane!.

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In coming days you a see the flying car going in your country or in your place because it is available for sale now. If you want to buy a flying car just head over to order page of flying car and book your own flying car, your next car will be a airplane.

Watch First Flying Car on Road as well as in Air:

This is the official video of flying car by TerrafugiaInc. Watch this video, you can get a clear view of how a car can fly.

For the legal/copyright issues we are not showing any images of flying car here. You can get all images of flying car in official website.

Visit: Terrafugia | Photos of flying car | Reserve Flying Car