Microsoft today released the windows 8.1 update. Many of the users already downloaded and started using it. But most of them still not yet received any windows 8.1 update notification in their system, even I faced similar problem.

At first, I thought server might be busy so it is happening. But even after sometime I couldn’t see any notification to update windows 8 to windows 8.1. After searching on internet I noticed that many of them facing similar issue. If you are one of them then here how I fixed that problem.

Check Whether Windows 8.1 Update Available or Not:

Right now windows 8.1 update is available only from windows store. To check windows 8.1 update notification is available or not in your system just launch windows store app.

windows store app


As soon as you launch that windows store app you will be greeted with windows 8.1 update notification. If you didn’t get any such notification, then there is some problem with your system.

windows 8.1 update notification problem


How to Fix Windows 8.1 Update Notification Problem?

You didn’t get windows 8.1 update notification because your OS don’t have necessary update that is KB 2871839 which is required to download windows 8.1.

If you turned on your windows update then it could have installed that update automatically. Try to check KB 2871839 update is available for you through windows update. If it is available then download and install it, and restart your PC- you will get windows 8.1 update from windows store app after your restart. If it is not available in windows update then follow the below steps.

To Download Windows KB 2871839 Update Manually:

If KB 2871839 update is still not available in your windows 8 OS through windows update panel, then you have to download that update manually.   To download KB 2871839 manually, visit this page and choose 32 bit or 64 bit version and download it to your system.

Once you download that update install it and restart your PC. Then launch windows store app, you will be welcomed with windows 8.1 update notification. Now you can download windows 8.1 by clicking that update notification.