If you’re new to twitter, then here is a good news for you because twitter in now active on YouTube to

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teach how to use twitter.com and you can also know about the basic of twitter by watching   these videos on official twitter account on YouTube. They are silently adding videos to their YouTube account without any official announcement on their blog.

I have checked their videos and those videos are really nice for those who don’t know about twitter. I think, most of the people what I have seen on twitter is really don’t know how to use twitter properly because when I replayed to their tweet, Once again I will get a tweet back from him saying, For what purpose you replayed this answer (tweet) instead of checking “in reply to username” option which is available in tweets. I receiving this type of tweets often. If you are one of those who sending this type of tweets, then watching these video can defiantly avoids sending those messages.

Here are the videos which are uploaded by Official twitter account on YouTube:

What is Following?

What is the Timeline?

Finding People to Follow


Noush Skaugen – Who Should I Follow?

Browsing & Keyword/Topic Search

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These are the some official videos of twitter on YouTube, you can visit official twitter account on YouTube to see more videos about twitter.

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