I was playing with Popup Ninja plugin, that time I noticed that we can use this plugin to turn any links into beautiful opt-in box. This is really one of the cool feature, here how we can implement this feature.

Links into Email opt-in box:

Collecting leads is one of the most important steps in every business. We must collect our visitors Email address to convert them into loyal readers, buyers or whatever your website goal is about. For this purpose everyone use an opt-in box, popup and many other different strategies to collect leads.

If you visit some popular IM blogs then you will notice-when you click on links it shows popup box. That means, if any user click on your links, then a pop box should show up instead of opening other page to collect email leads. If you want to implement such function on your blog as well, then follow this guide.

To implement such function you need to have Popup Ninja plugin. You see the link popup demo here.

You can use this feature in many ways, for example you can add call to action link at the end of the post or you use this to show the contact form without leaving current page.

How to implement Links to Popup box Feature?

links to opt-in box

Popup box opened after clicking on link

To implement this function, just go to Ninja Popups >>Add New Popup and create the popup that need to open when any users clicks on your links.

Once you done that, go to Ninja Popups>> Popups and note down the ID of the popup that you have created and replace the below ID (3585) with your ID and place this code on your webpage.
Syntax:  optin-links-wp

Demo: [ninja-popup ID=4134]Click Here for demo[/ninja-popup]

Now when any visitor click on the link, a beautiful popup box will displayed.