Searching Turbo C software for windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 32 bit or 64 bit? and you didn’t find any good software or you find that DOS box method which takes a lot of time to configure that software? Then here is a good solution for those who need turbo c software for windows OS.

Windows vista and windows 7 are both popular operating system, but when we compare this operating system with windows XP, some of the basic operations/software which we use on XP won’t support in Vista or windows 7 operating system. For example command prompt in vista and windows 7 won’t show the full screen, and another major drawback is Turbo C software won’t support in both windows vista as well as windows 7 OS. So we cannot able to work C/C++ in our newer operating system. Here is a solution for that, with the help of   “Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0” software, we can work Turbo C without any issue. This software is like a C for win7 and C for Vista.

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We can use turbo c software for window 7 64 bit in another way also i.e by using DOSBox software and Turbo C software. In this way, we have to configure manually to work turbo c for win7. But with Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 software, we don’t need to configure anything, and it is one click installer software. To work C in Win7/vista 64 bit or 32 bit, you need to install Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 software and after installing that software, you can successfully run turbo c compiler in windows 7 64 bit PC.


Turbo C for windows 7, 8, 10 for 32 bit and 64 bit


Turbo c for windows 7 64bit and 32bit

Turbo C in Windows 7


I have tried turbo c in win7 by manual method, and with that method what I feel is installing Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 (C for win 7) software is good when compared with DOSBox installation method. Because in DOSBox method some of the shortcut keys of turbo c software won’t work (perform the different task) and number pad (keyboard) won’t work properly (ex: to turn on Numpad we have to press NumLk button twice or thrice to turn on) and configuring turbo c software for windows 7 64 bit PC is somewhat difficult and time-consuming process.

So those who are looking to work with turbo c in windows 7, then I recommend you to go for Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 by mohit saxena instead of DOSBox method. According to the developer, he said turbo c supports full screen in windows vista and windows 7 O.S but I don’t think it fully supports full screen. In both the DOSBox method and Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 method, turbo c opens with the same screen size.

Installing Turbo C for Windows 7:

Installing turbo C for windows 7 pc is similar to installing other software. Just download Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 and install like normal software.

Download Turbo C for Windows [32 bit and 64 bit PC]:

Download from