Want to move the half downloaded torrent files to another computer? and need to continue where the download is left off? This is really easy to achieve. But many of the users still not aware of this method. In this post, I will show you how you can move partially downloaded torrent file to another computer and continue where it is left off.

Transfer Torrent files to Another Computer:

There are some situation where you need to transfer your half downloaded torrent file to another PC. For example you may not be able to use that PC anymore or your file is too big and you cannot keep your laptop ON to complete that download or for any other reason you may need to switch PC. But at the same time, we don’t need to lose that partially downloaded file. Here I will show how you can do that.

In this tutorial, I’m using uTorrent to download torrent files on both the system. One system run on Windows 8 64-bit version and other system runs on windows 7 32-bit version. It doesn’t matter which OS you are using. This tutorial works fine on all OS. Just follow the below method.

To move Torrent to another PC, all we need is Torrent client (uTorrent), Torrent file or magnet link and half downloaded files.

1. In step one, copy the contents of all torrent files to pen drive. If you don’t know where files are downloading, then just select the torrent file and right click and choose Open Containing Folder.  Now you will be in inside that folder, Now go UP one directory and copy complete folder.


moving torrent to another system


2. After copying folder, now take torrent file (.torrent)  or copy the magnet URL address to text file (notepad)

Magnet URL looks like:  


You can copy magnet URL address of the torrent by two methods

a. In torrent client, choose the torrent file which is downloading and right-click and choose “Copy Magnet URL

b. Visit torrent page, Clicking on torrent file link and Right-click and choose copy the link address

copy Magnet URL address


Ex: In most torrent site you will see GET THIS TORRENT  text where it is linked to the torrent file. Just click on that link and right click and choose Copy link address  and copy that link address to notepad save that link.

Now we have the address of the torrent we are downloading.

3.  Go to another PC where you need to move or continue that torrent download. Copy all the contents (downloaded files) to some location. In my case I’m copying to Desktop. Now open uTorrent torrent client.

4. If you have .torrent file just double click on that file (or) if you are using  magnet URL address,  then click “Add Torrent from URL” button which is available in uTorrent and paste that copied URL address (Refer step 2) and click OK
magnet URL address

5. When you click ok button you will see another windows showing torrent files and displaying where to save that torrent

6. I kept that partially downloaded torrent file folder on desktop of the PC. So here in “Save In” option I’m changing location to Desktop

choose location in utorrent

Note: I’m not selecting half downloaded folder here. If you choose that folder, torrent client once again creates new folder and starts downloading form the beginning itself. So don’t choose that folder, just choose the location where you kept half downloaded torrent folder.

That’s it, now your torrent client will check where it has left off and starts continuation of that download.