When I created this blog I haven’t received more comments in my blog, but now I’m getting few comments on every post. What if those comments are sent to your inbox? for every time users left comments in your blog and when I approve those comments in my blog dashboard, the approved comments are also sent to my inbox. Shit, my mail box is flooded with Comments mail.

I tried to solve this issue by stopping sending mails when you receive comments on my blog, but I haven’t able to fix this issue because I don’t know how to do that!. This time I take use of Google to fix this issue (sending mails when you receive comments or pingback in wordpress). Fortunately, I got the answer to fix it.

Here how I fix it

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard
  2. Navigate to Settings >> Discussion stop email comments
  3. You will see Discussion settings page. In that page look for “E-mail me whenever” option, in that uncheck both 2 option i.e Anyone posts a comment and A comment is held for moderation and click Save changes button.
  4. e-mail me whenever

Now onwards, Whenever you receive comments on your blog is not sent your mail box. So, you will be free from getting mails form WordPress when you receive comments, pingbacks in your blog.

Have you enabled this feature in your blog? Do you like this feature in wordpress? share with us.