Update: If you follow this guide, then you will miss “PIN to taskbar” feature on your O.S. I recommend you to try Easiest and Best Way to Remove Shortcut Arrow from Icons method instead.

Everyone place icons on the desktop for accessing to particular software or place to make their task easier. But when you place icons on desktop small shortcut arrows added automatically to those icons on the desktop. That small shortcut arrow looks so ugly on those beautiful icons. So have you ever tried to remove arrows from shortcuts? If yes, then you may noticed that there is no particular option to disable shortcut arrow in Windows 7 or windows vista or in windows XP. Here today in this post I will show you how remove arrows from shortcuts in all windows O.S without using any software.

The steps which I am going explain for removing shortcut arrows is by the method of REGEDIT. If you have some little knowledge about regedit then it is good or else no problem.

remove arrows from shortcuts

Before removing shortcut arrow in icons

Steps to Remove Shortcut Arrows (works on XP,Vista,Windows 7):

  1. Open REGEDIT by typing REGEDIT in run prompt (win+r).
  2. Click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT now without break press   LN in keyboard you will see lnkfile (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile) folder, in the right side you will see IsShortcut file just select and right click and select Delete option. removing shortcut arrows
  3. Now we have to delete another registry entry, to do select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in that without break type pi you will get one folder called piffile (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\piffile) in that folder you will see IsShortcut file, Delete that IsShortcut file. disable shortcut arrow
  4. Now close regedit.


That’s it. After restarting your PC you wont see shortcut arrows on icons. This removing shortcut arrow method works fine on every windows O.S (xp,vista and windows 7) for 32 bit and 64 bit pc as well.
after removing shortcut arrows windows 7

Video Guide on Removing Shortcut Arrows From Windows OS: