This trick is something new which I found when I’m using website. Most of them familiar with way2sms, a website which helps in sending sms online for free of cost. With the help of way2sms website now you can able to send free sms with a dead sim card, Yes, with dead SIM card you can really send sms to your friends, girl friends, boy friends or even to your enemy and can have some fun.


way2sms is a website which helps in sending sms from your PC to any mobile number (supports 160 countries) for free of cost. To start using way2sms you have to register to their website first with your mobile number and then you can start using it to send sms from your pc.

How to send SMS from a dead SIM using way2sms?

Before you start sending SMS from a dead SIM card, your SIM must be in active, because we have to first register to way2sms with valid and working SIM card, otherwise it is not possible to register to their website (they send password to your mobile number). So in order to register to their site we must have an active sim card.

Once you registered to way2sms with a valid sim card, they will send a sms which contains your way2sms password. Keep this password in a safe place with you mobile number (this is the username in way2sms). And now allow the SIM card to dead. Once your sim card is dead you can now login to your way2sms account with the dead sim card number and password. Once you login to your way2sms account you are ready send sms from a dead sim card.

When you login to your way2sms choose SEND SMS option don’t choose GROUP SMS option. Because when you choose send sms option, the sms looks like natural has sent from mobile only. When you choose GROUP SMS option it looks like sms sent from Internet.

send sms from dead sim with way2sms

Choose SEND SMS option in way2sms

The user who received that message, if they try to call to that number it will say “Number doesn’t exist” the receiver will get shocked with that automated announcement from cellular company. So you can have a fun with your friends with dead sim card.


Note:   Don’t use this trick to play with unknown person or for any illegal activity. We are not going to hold any responsibility for the damages.