We all use Notepad in our daily life to save some information on our PC, If you want that information on outside your house then what you do? Are you carrying it with Pen-drive or CD/DVD huh? If so, you can stop those practice today itself, because we have collected 13 Website/webapps which provide “Online Notepad” service for free. You can access those notepad anywhere  (Internet connection needed) without carry anything.

If you think you are comfortable with these services, then you use these Online Notepad has alternative to notepad also. It’s all left to you. I think, nothing is as comfortable has Original Notepad.

All the website what I have collected here are free to use, and don’t try these websites for saving confidential information. Use these website only for the data which can sharable with others, because these website notepad services are not secure.

13 Online Notepad Website List:

online notepad

  1. anotepad
  2. selfnotes
  3. Helipad
  4. notes11
  5. vsurl
  6. padfly
  7. yanobs
  8. notepub
  9. PrimeKeeper
  10. shrib
  11. spynote
  12. jumk
  13. jotthisdown

All the Online Notepad website which listed above are works similar and easy to understand. You need to Register to their website to start using website notepad.

These are few internet notepad which I have found to be good. I know there are so many online notepad website are there, but most of those not in a working condition. If you know any more website which is offering Free Online Notepad service, then you can share with us through comments. You can also share your favorite website which we have listed here.