How many of you browse Internet daily? If you are a browser like me (all time online) then I’m sure you don’t have lot of patience to copy some important text, web address when you are browsing, right? OK, here a new concept what I’m going to call it has “No Copy Paste-Select it and Click it, Check Your Mail Box” oh, not getting what I’m saying? Read on..

Greedy Labs recently launched his new project called “Notes For Later“. As the name itself indicates taking notes for later use. Notes For Later creates unique bookmarklet for each and every email you signed up to their website. After conforming your valid e-mail ID they will give you Unique Bookmarklet to you, just drag it to your browsers toolbar and kept there itself.

When you visit any website, select any text you want to send to your mail box and click on that bookmarklet. It will send the selected text portion, website URL and time you have visited to that website information to your email ID. Isn’t cool? So, you don’t need to use any Notepad or any text editor to save text when you are browsing, Just select, click and check your email inbox.

When I started using Notes For Later site, I didn’t know what it is, and how to use it. Because, there is not much information or they have not clearly mentioned how to use that website. So I’m writing steps to use Notes For Later website.

Using Notes For Later:

  1. Visit Notes For Later website
  2. Enter your Valid E-mail address in the empty box and click Signup Buttonnotes for later
  3. After click Sign Up button, go and check your e-mail Inbox. You will see one link saying “Finish Sign Up!” option. Click on it.

    notes for later signup

  4. Now you will see unique Bookmarklet in your account. Drag “make note” to your browser toolbar.using notes for later site
  5. Visit any website and select any text portion and click that “make note Bookmarklet” which we have kept on Browser toolbar
  6. For example I visited Get Free and Genuine License Key of AVG Anti-Virus Worth $34.99 post and selected last paragraph, and then click Make Note bookmarklet. Now what happens? The selected text will in my E-mail Inbox

    9-2-2010 9-09-09 AM

  7. See the below image how they will mail you the selected text to your email Inbox within a second

9-2-2010 9-15-04 AM

So now onwards you don’t need to open your notepad when you don’t have mood, just select it and click it! that’s it. When you are free copy that text or visit that website again with the help of notes for later email. Oh ya, it’s free service.

Visit: Notes For Later