Are you waiting for dual sim handset in Nokia? If you so, here is a great news for nokia lovers and dual sim users. Nokia announced it’s first Nokia dual sim handset at affordable price. These are built only with a intention to give dual sim facility in nokia handset.

Nokia company may enter the dual sim market at late. But, they came up with stylish and less priced nokia dual sim handset to market. I’m sure, people will love these dual sim facility in nokia handset.

Nokia launched 4 dual sim facility handset in C-Series. This handset contains basic features which you find in the basic handsets (low-priced) and as well as GPRS enabled set.

Nokia C1 (C1-00):

The Nokia C1 (C1-00) allows you to have the one handset housing two SIM cards, the first device of its kind. Alex Lambeek, vice president, Nokia had this to say about the functionality:

“By simply holding down a key, people are able to switch between SIM cards, meaning that they can take advantage of reduced call rates, flexibility when traveling from one country to another, or being able to share a phone within a family and still use their own SIM card. This is a great added convenience feature, considering the low price of the phone.”

Nokia C1-00 Dual SIM Mobile Features :

  • Dual sim (GSM+GSM)
  • Running the Series 30 interface
  • standby battery time of up to six weeks
  • room for 500 phonebook entries
  • 250 text messages onboard
  • flashlight
  • FM radio
  • Talk time: up to 13 hours
  • Colors: Medium Blue, Red, Light Gray, Sea Green


Availability: Third quarter of 2010.

Price: Rs 1,697

Nokia C1-01:

The nokia c1-o1 is something different form nokia c1-00 with its modern features. The main thing which you find different is Colour screens, web browsing, a music player, Bluetooth, GPRS and email.

According to company c1-01 is..

The C1-01 is a low-cost ‘feature’ phone  with an estimated retail price of EUR 39. Nonetheless, it comes with a VGA camera, an SD memory card slot for up to 32 GB of storage, mail and chat. There’s also an FM radio and music player.

Nokia C1-01 dual sim handset imageAvailability: Fourth quarter of 2010.

Price: Rs 2,194

Nokia C1-02:

It’s designed as anyone’s first phone and first access to the world of mobile and digital communications. Despite the price, beyond making phone calls, buyers once again get Ovi Mail and Chat, Bluetooth and the same SD memory card slot and music features.

Nokia C1-02 dual sim handset image

Availability: Fourth quarter of 2010.

price: Rs 1,969

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Nokia C2:

The main draw to the Nokia C2 is obviously the dual-SIM functionality. The Nokia C2 can keep both SIM cards active; meaning calls and text messages can come to either number while the phone is on. The first SIM card on the Nokia C2 sits underneath the battery. Nokia C2 will allow you to answer one call and keep the other on hold is great news.

Nokia C2 Dual SIM Mobile Features :

  • FM radio
  • music player
  • phone supporting micro-SD cards of up to 32GB.
  • up to 1,000 entries in the phone book
  • standby time of up to 16.5 days
  • VGA camera
  • Series 40 device
  • Bluetooth and GPRS

Availability: Fourth quarter of 2010.

price: Rs 2,529

UPDATE: Nokia Launched Nokia Dual SIM Mobile