Recently I bought Logitech Wireless Combo MK 270 from to go wireless. Logitech MK270 comes with Wireless Keyboard and Wireless Mouse. After using this product for few months, here is my review about this product.

I use one desktop and one laptop to do my work, mostly I use my laptop to do all my works and desktop to download some big files. Before buying this wireless product I was using HP KY619AA USB 2.0 Optical Mouse (wired) on my Desktop and on my Laptop which is quite good mouse.

But when I use that wired mouse on my laptop, I started feeling inconvenience because of that wire. So I decided to buy some wireless mouse for my laptop.

I was just looking to buy only wireless mouse for my laptop. I think buying an external keyboard for laptop won’t be much useful. But after thinking sometime I decided to buy both wireless mouse and keyboard at once. Because – if I decided to buy a keyboard later, then that time I need to plug two USB Receiver to my laptop to work with mouse and keyboard. So I decided to buy both at once. When I did some research online, I decided to go with Logitech MK270 product for my laptop.

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse:

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse is an entry level wireless Product for your PC. It comes with Wireless Keyboard, Wireless Mouse, USB Receiver, USB Range Extender, Batteries and User Documentation.

LOGITECH MK270 box content

Logitech Wireless Mouse (M185) :

The mouse which comes with MK270 is very small mouse. If you love small/compact mouse, then you will love this mouse. If you are like me who prefer to use big mouse, then this mouse is not for you. But if you started using this mouse for few days then you will get adjusted to that size. For some days you might find some inconvenience while holding that small mouse.

Logitech Wireless MK270 mouse

This mouse comes with 2 Buttons and one scroll wheel within it. Like every basic mouse comes with.

You can see the below image comparing Logitech mouse with HP KY619AA USB mouse.

Logitech mk270 wireless mouse compare

On the backside of this mouse you will find On/OFF button for this mouse. If you open cap you will find 1 AA battery inside the mouse. Here you will also find a place to put your USB Receiver inside the mouse. By this way you can safely keep your USB receiver inside your mouse when it is not in use.

LOGITECH MK270 wireless mouse

Even though this mouse have an optical light, but this light won’t turn ON. This uses invisible light. By this way we can save some battery which is required for light to work. This mouse automatically goes to sleep if it not used for a long time. By this way also you can save some battery as well.  According to official documentation, the mouse battery will Long-last for 12 months.

Pro’s and Con’s about this Mouse.


1. Compact Mouse (If you love small mouse you will love it)

2. Auto Sleep Feature-Go to sleep mode after long inactivity

3. ON and OFF button

4. Invisible optical light

5. Light weight Mouse

6. You can place USB receiver inside the mouse

7. Really Tiny USB receiver


1. Compact Mouse (If you don’t love small mouse)

2. It won’t turn off automatically even after long inactivity

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Logitech USB Receiver and USB Extender:

USB Receiver is a small device that you plug to your computer to receive the signal from your wireless mouse and keyboard. USB extender (Big one, which looks like pen drive) is used to plug your USB Receiver into it to extend signals and to make more comfortable to Plug and remove the device from your computer.

Logitech wireless MK270 Unifying USB receiver and USB Range Extender

I really love the size of USB receiver which comes with MK270 product. The receiver is too small, you cannot notice that device even when you plugin that device to your Laptop.

See the below image how this Logitech tiny receiver will looks when you plugged it to your laptop. I always leave this USB receiver in the laptop itself.

Logitech Wireless MK270 Unifying USB receiver pluged to laptop


1. USB receiver is too small in size

2. You will get USB extender to extend the size/signal of USB receiver


1. None

Logitech Wireless Keyboard (K270):

This wireless keyboard uses 2 AAA batteries. This is full sized keyboard and comes with Number pad, On/OFF button, Functions keys, directional keys and 8 hot keys. The build quality of this keyboard is good.

LOGITECH MK270 wireless keyboard

This keyboard doesn’t contains Palm Rest. If you are a regular keyboard users, then you should think about this drawback.

This keyboard comes with 8 Hot keys for one-touch access. You can easily access Pause, Mute, Volume increase, Volume decrease, Home, Mail, Power, and Calculator within the keyboard itself.

The battery life for the keyboard given in the official documentation is about 1 Year.

LOGITECH mk270 wireless keyboard hot keys


1. Good build quality

2. On/OFF buttons

3. 8 Hot Keys

4. Smooth keys


1. No Palm Rest


Logitech Wireless Combo MK 270 is good for medium or light computer users. I don’t recommend this for an advanced users. If you are looking buy wireless mouse and keyboard in this price tag, then I recommend this product. This is good product, but lacks in few features which is useful for advanced users.

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