Importing Keepass database from dropbox is really easy, but for the first time you may get confused about it. In this post I will be showing you how to import keepass database (*.kdbx) from your dropbox account to your MiniKeepass app on iPhone.

MiniKeepass and DropBox:

For importing database for minikeepass (iPhone version of keepass) from dropbox first you need two things.

1. MiniKeepass App
2. Dropbox App

Install both app in your iphone. Now open dropbox app, and login to your dropbox account. After login navigate to Keepass database (*.Kdbx) in your dropbox app. Once you see the keepass database just tap on the database. Now you will see an error message as

Unable to view file

This file type can’t be viewed

Unable to view file.This file type can't be viewed

Whenever we saw that error message we thought that, it is not possible to open the keepass file in dropbox. But wait, there is one more option available below that error message. Just have a look on the “Right Sidebelow the error message, You will see some option like squarebox with an arrow, Click on that option.

minikeepass dropbox

Now you will get MiniKeePass option,now select MiniKeepass option.

After selecting this MiniKeepass option open MiniKeepass App. Now you will see the imported database, enter the password and start using it.