Yesterday when I tried to add my new site to windows live write I got error message saying

You need to customize the blog API URL before proceeding.

The following values were not customized:

<hostname> <wp_path>

please change these values to whatever is appropriate for your blog server.


hostname wp-path


If you also stuck in the <hostname> <wp_path> error in  windows live writer  then here is solution for it.

Solution for <hostname> <wp_path> Error in Windows Live Writer:


  1. Check whether your wordpress blog has enabled
    “Remote Publishing”

    or not. If it is not enabled then you have to enable it by login into your wordpress Dashboard > Settings>Writing > under Remote Publishing

    enable remote publishing

    enable remote publishing in wordpress

    Check “Atom Publishing Protocol” and “XML-RPC“.

  2. After enabling check whether it is working or not. If not follow step 3
  3. Now replace http://<hostname>/<wp_path>/xmlrpc.phpwith
    • (or)


    It depends on where your blog is installed.

  4. After doing all the above steps try again, you are able add you blog to window live writer.