In my previous post, I have mentioned about the news that chrome removed Instant Extended API Flag from the latest version. If you are one of the them who use that option to remove Google search box from the new tab page, then here is a chrome extension called “Replace New Tab Page” to remove this new tab design.

Replace New Tab Page:

I’m one of the user who used Instant Extended API Flag to remove that search box from the new tab. But due to the new update by chrome, we don’t have that option anymore. Here is a small workaround to fix this issue. This tip was given by Shane Kirk on Google forum.

Replace New Tab Page is a Google chrome extension to replace new tab page with any other page that you want. For example, you can place any of the website URL that you wish to open every time you open a new tab, or you can set any chrome flags.

In my case, I just set chrome apps flag (chrome://apps) to open chrome apps page in a new tab instead of that Google search box tab. If you wish to set that to any other domain, then you set that too.

To remove that Google search box form new tab, first install Replace New Tab Page extension. Once you install, you will get an option to fill a web page. Here you can fill any web page that you want to see every time you open a new tab. You can also use Google Chrome flags in that address. For example, place chrome://apps flag to open Google Chrome apps page every time you open a new tab or new window. Thus you can get rid of that Google search box with thumbnail images on the new tab.

remove search box from new tab page google chrome


To be frank, I’m still not happy with the result what I was getting from this workaround tip. Why because every time you open a new tab you’ll see some small delay in loading that tab. If you don’t mind about this delay, then you try this tip.

Update 2: As one of our commenter added a new option to display completely blank page with this extension. To display the blank page when you open a new tab, set  URL to display:none and save it.

Update 1:

Empty New Tab Page

I just came across a new extension called Empty New Tab Page. I highly recommend this extension over the above method. What this extension will do is, it completely removes the new tab page design (Google search box with a thumbnail of visited websites) and replaces it with complete blank/empty page.

The only thing you need to do is, just download and activate this extension. There is no option to configure anything. Once you activate this extension, the default new tab page design will completely remove and replaced with the empty page.

remove new tab page design in chrome browser


I also noticed that there is no delay in opening a new tab, which is happened in the previous extension. So if you are annoyed with the Google Chrome new tab feature, then you must try this extension. This extension works almost similar to Extended API Flag method to remove that new tab page design.