Sometimes we might have to download video for listening to some audio. For example, these days audio books are getting much more popular compared to regular PDF. Because of this, some users are now using YouTube to upload their audio file by making video. The video just contains cover page image and audio on the background.

We usually use such audio files on our smart phone to listen while travelling. But if we directly transferred our video to our smart phone, then we might have to watch the video as well to listen to that audio file. Watching only one screenshot to listen audio does not make any sense.

For that, I recommend everyone to separate audio from video file. By this way we only listen to audio on our smart phones instead of watching any video.

There are many software available to convert or extract audio from video files. But what I’m going to show in this post is, extracting audio file from video using VLC media player. I’m sure everyone will be using VLC player on their system has as their main media player, so you don’t need to download any extra software to extract MP3 file from video files.

Extracting MP3 File from Video File using VLC Player:

Video Guide:

In this guide I will be using latest VLC player. That is version 2.1.3.

1. First open your VLC Player. Here click on Media tab and then choose Convert /Save… option or just press Ctrl+R on your Keyboad.

how to convert video to audio file vlc player

2. Now you will see Open Media window. Here you choose File tab and then click on Add… button to add video file that you need to convert/Extract MP3 File from it, and then click on Convert / Save button.

extract audio from vlc player

3. In the next step choose Audio -MP3 from the drop down menu. And, under Destination browse the location where you need to save the converted MP3 file, and then click on Start Button to start converting process.

convert video to mp3 vlc

4. Now wait for few seconds to few minutes (depends on the length of video file) to convert that file. You will see the status on your VLC player like below image while converting. Once it completes converting (when blue bar reaches at end of the player) you can play that MP3 file.

vlc converting files

In this post I have shown only converting Video file to MP3 File. But you use your VLC Player as a converter to convert a lot of other formats as well. You just need to choose the different format (refer step 3) that you need to convert.