Indian government announced Indian rupee symbol for Indian currency. But the thing is, we cannot able to type the Indian rupee symbol in your present PC due to the unique character introduced by our Indian Government. The rupee symbol is not available in our present Keyboard, so we cannot able to type Rupee symbol from our old Keyboards. But some Guys released a Font for Indian rupee symbol. By using rupee font we can able to type Indian rupee symbol with our present Keyboard. Here is a tutorial for how to install Indian rupee font in your PC.

Indian Rupee Symbol:

If you are not aware of Indian Rupee Symbol, then see the below image to know how it looks like.

rupee symbol

To start using Indian rupee symbol in your PC, then you should need to have a Rupee symbol font in your system.

Installing Indian Rupee Symbol Font:

If you don’t know how to install Indian Rupee symbol font in your system, then just follow few steps

  1. First we need download “Rupee font” to our pc. You can get the rupee font by visiting this Rupee font page rupee fonts
  2. After downloading that the Rupee Font, we need to install that fonts on our pc.
  3. To Install Rupee Fonts in XP, navigate to Start >> Control Panel >> Fonts (double click)fonts folder
  4. After double clicking Fonts folder, you will see different fonts in that folder. Now just copy the downloaded Rupee fonts to this folder to Install Rupee font. installing rupee font
  5. That’s it now you installed Rupee fonts in your system. Now you can start using rupee symbol in your pc.

In the next post I will show you how to use or type rupee font in our system.