KeePass user? if you use KeePass software to store username and password for your online account, then here is a Google Chrome browser extension called ChromeIPass to integrate with KeePass application. Once you integrate your KeePass with Chrome, you will be able to fill login details automatically on your chrome browser.

KeePass is a good desktop password manager tool to manage our password. I highly recommend you to use this method to keep all your login details instead of using any online password manager tools.

If you use KeePass then you will know that we have to do a lot of manual work with this application to login to any website. It involves searching for an entry, copying and pasting those entry on to our browser. This is really boring task, and it takes some time to do all these tasks.

If you don’t like to do all those work, then here is a solution for Chrome browser users. With this method we can automate this process.

ChromeIPass Extension:

ChromeIPass Extension is a Google chrome extension to integrate your KeePass with your Chrome browser. Once you integrate, ChromeIPass extension will fetch login details like username and password from KeePass application when you visit any login page URL.

If you have provided more than one entry for the same login page, then it will offer you to select the username which you need to login to that page.

To select username just click on the username filed, it will display the suggestions. Choose the account that you need to login.

keepass select username


You can also select it by clicking ChromeIPass icon on your browser.

chromeipass username select

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Thing you Should Need to Know:

To make this ChromeIPass extension to work, you need keepasshttp plugin to be installed on your KeePass application.

To fetch login details from KeePass, you need to open KeePass application to work ChromeIPass extension.

It gives a suggestion only when visited login page URL matches with entered login page URL on your KeePass application or else it won’t work. So make sure you have entered correct login URL address on your KeePass tool.

These are the three things that you should need to know when you started using ChromeIPass extension.

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Installing ChromeIPass:

1. To install ChromeIPass first download latest version of Keepass software and install it.

2. After installing KeePass, download keepasshttp plugin for KeePass software and extract that folder. Once you extract you will see KeePassHttp.plgx file. To install that plugin copy that file to your KeePass installation directory.

On Windows 64 bit OS:  Copy KeePassHttp.plgx file to below directory

C:\Program Files (x86)\KeePass Password Safe 2\

install keepasshttp plugin keepass

3. Verify installation by opening KeePass >>Tools>>Plugins and look for KeePassHttp entry.

keepass plugin verification

4. Now install ChromeIPass extension on your Chrome browser.

5. Click the KeePass icon in the URL bar of your Chrome and click the “Connect” button (open your KeePass application before clicking connect button).

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chromeipass installation

6. Now switch/open KeePass application, you will notice a pop up window asking for name. You can give any name here and click save button.

Ex: Chrome on my main computer

connect chromeipass keepass

7. To verify whether you have properly connected your KeePass database with ChromeIPass extension, click on the ChromeIPass icon on your browser and look for the Key name that you have given in 6th step. If you see that name, then you have properly connected and everything is working fine.

chromeipass connection verification

Now we have installed ChromeIPass and configured to work with our KeePass application.

To check working of this extension, visit any login page and you will see login suggestion on your ChromeIPass icon.


ChromeIPass is a good chrome extension which helps to automate entering username and password filed based on the URL that you visit. If you are a chrome browser user and use KeePass password manager, then this is a must have tool for every user.