In our previous post we have told that Aamir Khan is available on Twitter, now once again Aamir is making sound in Facebook. If you are available on Facebook social networking site, then you can chat with Aamir Khan, a Bollywood Hero. If you are a fan of him, then it’s a right chance to Live chat with him for free!! You can chat live with Aamir Khan tonight at 11PM (Indian Time).

To chat with Aamir Khan, you need to have a Facebook account and then visit Aamir Khan Facebook Fan page and click Like button which is available at the top.

chat with aamir khan on facebook

After doing above step, you will see “Live Chat” tab click on that to chat with him. See the below image how the chat interface is available on Live Chat tab.

live chat with aamir khan

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chat with aamir

Aamir khan on facebook chat

UPDATE (07 Aug) at 11:53PM:

Time  Rescheduled to 10th at the same time i.e at 11PM.

Why Rescheduled?

As said by Aamir Khan

Guys I am most disappointed, I am down with very heavy fever, 103. Returned from Melbourne this morning with fever and was in bed all day to try and recover before tonight. But I have been hit hard this time. Wont be able to make it for the chat especially as I have to travel to Chembur for it. My sincere apologies everyone. I will reschedule it for 10th. Please forgive me this cancellation. 🙁

So, you can chat with Aamir Khan on 10th July 2010 at 11PM.