If you are an adsense user then you might know that by default we cannot change currency in Adsense performance report. But from now onward we can change that currency to view adsense report. Google adsense today announced this feature on it’s official blog. Here how we can use this feature to view adsense earnings report on your country currency.

By default google adsense shows performance report in USD-US Dollar ($) currency. And we don’t have any option to change currency in Performance report. Now we can change currency to any other country currency to view our adsense performance report.

How to Change Currency in Adsense Performance Reports

To view this new feature or to view your adsense performance report in your country currency, then follow below steps.

1. First log in to your adsense account, and click on Performance reports tab

adsense performance tab


2. Click the Columns drop-down in the upper right below the Date Range column of your report’s page

change currency in adsense performance tab


3. Now you will see the new option called Currency. This is the new feature which is added on Adsense. To change that currency, just click on drop down box and choose the currency and click Apply button to view the adsense report on that currency.


view adsense report in your currency

As you observe my report is now displaying in Indian currency. You view CPC, RPM and Estimated earnings in your currency by this new feature on your adsense Performance Reports tab.