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Stop using Default Search Option in your PC, And see This Software Once

You may get some confused about what title is saying, if you so-The title is trying to say that we need to stop using default search option which is available in our computer (O.S) because there is a better alternative options is available for desktop search. We all use default search in computer daily to(…)

Grab the Genuine License Key of BitDefender for 1 Year! from BitDefender

It’s important to protect our system from virus to safe guard our precious data which is available on our PC or on our Internet activity. Because these days hackers are managed to steal our data with various activity without knowing to our knowledge. So it is recommend to use some good antivirus. Good antivirus means(…)

A Software to Enhance your Desktop Look

I love my computer and I always love to keep my computer attractive. Desktop is one of the most used and most seen item of our computer so it is our duty to keep our desktop clean,organized and attractive. To keep desktop more attractive we need to properly arrange desktop icons, but even after arranging(…)

How to Check/Uncheck Multiple Check boxes in Single Click on any Web Page

Don’t have Select All option in webpage to check the check boxes? Then here is a way to auto check or mass check the check box which doesn’t have Select All button/option in that web page. If you are using twitter related web apps, than you may notice that all twitter mass follow and mass(…)

Don’t Download Defense Center Anti-Virus or Unknown Antivirus [Virus]

Are you one of the crazy people who are always need to try new things on the system? Here, you need to know something before you can do that. You may already know about these days Fake Antivirus are spreading around the Internet. Now for the Fake Anti-virus list there is a new entry called(…)

Gmail Automatically Redirecting to Calendar [Fix]

Is your Gmail account Redirecting to Calendar? or somewhere else? Here is fix for “Gmail Account Redirecting“. Yesterday my Gmail account also started redirecting to calendar. I don’t know what happened to It suddenly to do so. I tried to login other Gmail Account at the same time, but other Gmail account working fine without(…)

Explorer++, A Nice Software for Windows Power Users

Do you use your computer daily? If yes, here is a nice software for windows power users. Explorer++ (Explorer Plus Plus) is nice and powerful software/application for your windows based O.S. Explorer plus plus is an Free and powerful alternative to windows explorer software what we use daily. We all use windows explorer to explore(…)

IBM Welcomes Firefox Browser Now

IBM (International Business Machines) now moving to Firefox has their default browser. Bob Sutor vice president of open source and Linux at IBM, wrote a blog post yesterday titled “Saying it out loud: IBM is moving to Firefox as its default browser.” No doubt Firefox is a worlds best browser and now extra 400,000 members(…)