Now you can choose BSNL number of your choice and you can buy BSNL SIM card online. BSNL now providing an options for users to buy bsnl sim cards online, but this option is not popular has BSNL sim cards.

Here is a Step by Step Procedure to Purchase BSNL SIM Card Online

1. Visit bsnl website

2. Choose the Circle were you want to buy.

Ex: Karnataka



3. In next page you will see page in locked form, to unlock that page just drag the button in the pop up message



4.   Once the page is unlocked, in the left side you will get the 50 numbers to choose from. If you don’t like any number within those 50, use the “Search” feature and search for the desired number. If you get the result for your choice then that number is available to buy

5. To select that number just “Check” the box and click on the “Reserve Number”




5.   When you click on “Reserve Number” you will be prompted with confirmation box. Where you have to enter any of your mobile number (it maybe any carrier) to receive PIN Via SMS.


6. In the next step enter the PIN which you received on your mobile phone in confirmation box and click submit

Enter Received PIN No


7. You will get   a confirmation message saying

Your Request Has Been Processed Successfully…!
Please Fill the Application Form To speed up the Activation Process…

8. Once you click OK button, you will be prompted with the pop up box like this. In this you have to enter the PIN which you have received on your mobile (Step 6) and mobile number where you have received the PIN number (step 5) and click Submit



9. Now you will get the application form. Fill all the entries with appropriate details and click submit button



10.   Once you fill the form will get preview of the application form which you have filled. If you made any mistake just click back button and correct the mistakes

11. Once you done the above steps, you see the message like

Congratulations, You Have Successfully updated your profile Information, Please Click on ‘Continue’ to get your Application…!
Please Submit a photo copy of this Application along with Proofs at your nearest BSNL CSC/Franchisee/Retailer.

Thank you…



Click on Continue button


12. In new window you will get an filled application form. Right click on that page and select “Save As” option and save the page. Now take the printout of this application form to your nearest BSNL Office with Photo, ID proof and money.

13. On the spot (in BSNL office) they will provide BSNL number of your choice (which you have chosen in online).


That’s it. This is how you can buy BSNL SIM card online with number of your choice.

You can also buy Fancy Nos on the same site. There are few numbers available on Auctions, if you want to buy BSNL numbers from Auctions then visit here.

[Via FreeKfreekaamaal  ]