Bloggers, get ready to feel the taste of 268 theme options in your wordpress theme! and designers, it’s your time to work on building more than 268 theme options in your theme. The Atahualpa WordPress theme is one the most powerful wordpress theme, which is providing you 268 theme options to customize your wordpress theme without touching any code. I think, Atahualpa wp theme is the highest theme option currently providing in the world. I’m not sure about it, but as per my knowledge it is the highest theme option you can get in available wp themes.

We all know about Thesis wp theme  which is one the best premium wp theme. It’s because of it’s flexibility and theme options which is available in that. Now, Atahualpa WordPress theme is breaking   Thesis theme in it’s flexibility and customization option.

I just came to know about Atahualpa WP theme by tweet sent by one my friend Sidharth on twitter @Rockstar_Sid here what he said in tweet

Thesis theme? Really try out Atahualpa -> Amazing stuff 😮

Even I’m a big fan of Thesis theme but I’m not using it in my site. So after seeing that tweet I immediately went and downloaded to see what’s special in this theme. After installing Atahualpa WP theme on my local server I just shocked to see the option which is available in this theme.

Atahualpa WordPress theme-Thesis theme alternative:

Atahualpa is awesome and free wordpress theme, The current version of Atahualpa wp theme V3.5.1 is providing 268 theme options. And they are adding more and more theme options in upcoming versions of their theme.

I can say, this one of the most powerful WP theme and you can use alternative to thesis theme which is available in the market and that’s also for free of cost. Atahualpa theme is rated by 410 members! in WP official theme section that’s also 5 star.

Atahualpa Free WordPress Themes options

5 star rating to Atahualpa themes by 410 members

And also, this theme is the most popular theme in the “most popular” theme section. Even though   developer of this theme is not updating the latest version in theme section . Developer is providing latest version of Atahualpa theme in his site only.

Atahualpa-Free-WordPress-Themes most popular theme

Listed it in most popular theme section in

If you’re not able to purchase thesis theme or you are searching for good coupon code for buying Thesis theme, then try Atahualpa WP theme once before go to purchase any premium theme.

You need some time to learn how to use Atahualpa theme, because it is having lot of options and sometime you may get confused how to use those options. In upcoming posts we will try to collect some more resource on using Atahualpa theme and customizing Atahualpa theme.


Atahualpa wp theme screen shot

Atahualpa wp theme screen shot

Atahualpa wordpress theme options screeshot

Theme options of Atahualpa Wp theme

Sorry, I’m not able to take all options screenshots.



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