In my previous post I have shown how to add rich signature in Gmail with the help of Wisestamp add-on. On that time of writing Gmail doesn’t supports inserting logo in Gmail   and styling text in signature. So I have posted about wisestamp addon that can helps us to inserting rich signature in Gmail. But now you don’t need to use any add-on or any Greasemonkey scripts to add logo or style text in the Gmail signature, because Gmail now officially providing new option to adding rich signature in Gmail.

It is always good to send email with nice signature. For example if you are running any website or any company, on that time it is better to insert logo in Gmail signature. Now we can add logo to Gmail signature easily without using any external service.

Tip: To Insert your Social Media Profile in Gmail just use Wisestamp add-on

Adding Rich Signature in Gmail:

To add “Rich Signature in Gmail” account just follow few steps as shown below

  1. Go to settings in your Gmail account
  2. In that select General Tab
  3. In General Tab you will see Signature option, activate it and add your logo or images in Gmail signature box and also you can customize text letter with different text color as you like.
signatures in gmail

Rich Text Signature Opiton in Gmail

Now we can use default Gmail signature to add rich signature in Gmail.